The small port village of Sivota is situated in the northwest coastline of mainland Epirus 22 kilometres away from the International harbour town of Igoumenitsa.

39 kilometres away from the city of Parga and opposite lays the south tip of Corfu Island, the tip of Asprokavos, separated by a narrow channel of 4 nautical miles. In front of it there are four small isles. The most beautiful of them is the isle of Bella Vraka and the isle of Saint Nikolas. As the most coastline of mainland also the green vegetation of Sivota tries to reach the Ionian Sea, which is often separated by small sandy strips. Here in Sivota there are lots of amazing small beaches, Zeri, Galikos Ormos, Bella Vraka, Zavia and the exotic bay of “Piscine” where a part of the famous film “Blue Lagoon” was filmed.

Paxoi – Antipaxoi

When you approach Gaios the Capital town of Paxos you will cruise down a beautifull inlet passing the islands of Panagia and St. Nikolas.

Gaios has a beautiful natural sea harbour. Crystal clear waters with white sandy beaches a trade mark of Antipaxos. Paxos is situated 14 kilometres south of Corfu, covers an area of some 19 square kilometres and is one of a cluster of picturesque small islands set in the Ionian Sea. Paxos has no airport, it can only be reached by sea, so has been able to protect itself from the strain of mass tourism. Paxos is an island of countless olive groves. The eastern coastline of the island is smooth on the eye compared to the west coast which is bold and abrupt, with caves, arches and shear cliffs.

Corfu town

Around every corner can you can find a chapel, old mansion or secret garden square.

Corfu town is a maze of narrow streets dominated by the 16th century fortress. Around every corner can you can find a chapel, old mansion or secret garden square. There are hundreds of shops and restaurants to choose from there is something for every one, be it the old Jewish quarter or the designer row shops in the old town. The café at the Liston square is a must, it was built by the French and is identical to those in Rue de Rivoli, Paris; it is the ideal place to stop and enjoy a Ginger beer only made on the island of Corfu.
It was introduced to the island by the British; they also introduced Cricket to the island, which was played on the pitch opposite. Facing the Liston Esplanade is the Old Fortress which was built between the sixteenth and nineteenth century. The church of St. Spiridon, home to the island’s patron saint, is located just behind the Liston. The church is impressive and worth visiting, if you are lucky the coffin is sometimes open and you can see the saint himself. It is good luck to kiss his red satin slippers, not for the faint hearted, make sure you are dressed suitably to go inside any churches.